The PFD Group is committed to its clients, and our dedicated colleagues will work very closely with you to ensure our services meet your individual requirements and exceed your expectations.

Understand our Client’s Goals
The first step we undertake is to gain a detailed understanding of our clients’ business expansion goals. To achieve this, after a contract is signed, the PFD Group sends consultants to work at our clients’ sites. This enables the Group to get an internal and in-depth perspective of our clients’ needs, capabilities, and requirements.

Assess Opportunities
The PFD team, with its 20 years of hands-on experience working with MDBs worldwide, provides the required in-depth knowledge to assess opportunities matching its clients’ interests.

SWOT Analysis
The PFD staff assesses our clients’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) by reviewing selected bids that were won or lost. This analysis helps the PFD Group present a short list of the most viable business opportunities available in specific geographic areas and maximizes our client’s chances of winning.

Devise and Implement Proactive and Creative Strategies
Our team uses a pro-active and creative approach to devise plans of actions designed to meet your unique needs. No two companies are the same and the attention we give each of our clients, providing them the utmost attention and service, shows in our success rate.