The PFD Group provides a wide range of services to assist private companies with their individual business development needs.

The PFD Group conducts special business diagnostic studies for clients aiming to enter or grow their share of emerging markets development. This enables PFD to better determine which opportunities to seek out and where.

We provide strategic business analysis on the MDBs, and deliver to our clients confidential reports on operational trends, activities, changes in policies, approaches, procedures and programs. This helps our clients plan ahead in order to reach their medium and long-term goals.

Through our global reach, we supply our clients with early information (ahead of public postings) on select projects/technical assistance (TA) program opportunities financed by IFIs. We provide thorough project evaluations by conducting research on country and sector investment programs, risk assessments and, by assembling confidential intelligence reports (economic and investment). This helps our clients narrow the opportunities on which to concentrate, and optimizes their chance of winning. The PFD Group analyzes the retained opportunities and recommends a customized strategy.

Our PFD team of experts is also available to participate in client planning meetings to provide strategic advice on business development. PFD colleagues also conduct business seminars on Dos and Don’ts on how to win contracts funded by the targeted MDBs.

The PFD Group helps its clients identify the decision-makers in the emerging countries and in the MDBs that are directly responsible for the sought after opportunities. We initiate contacts and can provide functions for networking. We can also prepare and accompany our clients to visits with the targeted organizations and in developing countries.

Furthermore, we assist our clients in promoting their area of expertise and business activities to relevant MDBs by organizing business visits or holding seminars. For example, we have organized Brown Bag Lunch type activities at an MDB  headquarters. These events provide a unique opportunity for our clients to present how critical development issues were solved on the ground, more than just another general presentation.

PFD Group will gladly represent clients in the US and Europe and promote our clients to the targeted MDBs, US and EU companies and organizations, NGOs and Foundations/Associations.

PFD will form the most suitable team of international and/or local experts and partners in order to strengthen our clients’ bid on contracts by monitoring the targeted business options and preparing or reviewing the Expressions of Interest, other Prequalification documents, and Tenders. Our team's expertise and the access to the PFD network help ensure we find the best matches.

Towards the same goal of aiding our clients win contracts, we will identify top experts and/or international or local companies to form the best possible consortium or joint venture.

For the targeted business opportunities, and following the methods and guidelines set forth by the IFIs, PFD compiles thorough confidential information on the project/TA, terms of reference (TORs), budgets, competition, special objectives and requirements. We assist in the preparation of our clients drafts expressions of interest, pre-qualification efforts, and importantly, tenders.

The PFD Group also reviews the client company’s documentation (promotional material, references, CVs/bios) to ensure it is optimal. We also provide bid tracking and, together with our clients, visit the borrowers and the MDBs resident offices. Communication in this stage is key, and we strive to keep our clients consistently informed of any actions or feedback from the stakeholders.

Finally, if and when needed, the PFD Group can bid jointly with its clients, supplementing their capabilities with our own on-board expertise.

Our team, with its longstanding development experience, supports its clients in the implementation and supervision of the winning projects. We can provide specific short or long term services during contract execution. We can assist in project management, implementation and supervision if required.
Our team provides strategic and professional assistance in the resolution of procurement issues (including the organization of seminars on MDBs/EC procurement procedures) and payments disputes.
The PFD Group provides assistance in finding the best financing options for projects/TA programs, if financing by the MDBs is not available. This financing can be made available from other international organizations, bi-lateral aid programs, foundations, private sector sources or a combination of the above. The PFD Group assists clients to work with World Bank's IFC and similar organizations in other MDBs and can also help clients prepare economic and financial feasibility analysis and reports on existing priority project/TA prepared or managed by them.