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The PFD Group Washington D.C., USA

Spiros Voyadzis, is President of the PFD Group, responsible for economic policy (including finance), public sector management, IT, rural, urban, regional and municipal development. He is also in charge of projects in social sectors, including human development issues and cultural heritage rehabilitation programs. Mr. Voyadzis brings more than 35 years of experience working in various distinguished functions for the World Bank Group in Washington D.C. and abroad as a staff member, manager, and senior manager. For more details: Click Here

Hokuma Karimova, Business Development Manager, brings over 8 years of experience of working on projects funded by the multilateral development banks such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, as well as other donor agencies such as the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and the European Union. Having participated and managed projects in the field and in the office, Hokuma brings a unique perspective on how to best organize, prioritize and utilize valuable resources to generate effective and sustainable results. Ms. Karimova is a knowledgeable specialist, who has a comprehensive understanding of international cooperation, psychology, communications, sustainability and practice in industries such as: transportation, waste management, global health, policy, and agriculture.

Patrick Young, Business Development Manager, is an international development professional with over 6 years of experience including community development for USAID, technical and competitive research for Chemonics International, as well as supporting the launch of education development advocacy group NISSEM. In past years he was an educator and trainer supporting the C-suite and officials abroad transition into the international arena through skills and language training. Most recently, he has joined the PFD Group, supporting various international clients to develop partnerships and win contracts at the donor agencies in areas including education and training, transport, energy, infrastructure, and water. His broad experience has brought an understanding of the complexities of international finance, procurement, and project management and how to work within the international development sector to produce results.

His B.A. in both Global Development Studies and German Language, Literature, and Culture at Grinnell College and M.A. in Education and Human Development with a specialization in International Education at the George Washington University have prepared him to leverage insights from the fields of education, sociology, and regional studies into his practice. He has been recognized as a Posse foundation leadership scholar, a Russian Geographical Society Program Fellow, and teaching assistant and fellow at the George Washington University. 

Mohamed Cassam, Associate Director, MA in Public Administration, and former senior World Bank official, specializes in private sector development, privatization, and provides assistance to clients on infrastructure, including water, and particularly energy supply, distribution, and financing issues.

Jean Foglizzo, joined PFD Group as Associate Director in September 2007. He brings to the group an extensive experience both in the public and private sectors. Over the years he has developed managerial skills and thorough knowledge of financial management, including on the investment and audit sides. He has also experience in the environment and communications sectors. Jean held managerial positions with the French Ministry of Economy and Finance and represented France on the IMF Board. His international involvement led him to set up and lead the IMF activities in Moscow. He has also been CEO of private businesses and developed various business enterprises. Jean graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique and ENA, Ecole Nationale d’Administration in Paris, France. His interests span a variety of issues; he has published several investment guides for Cameroun, Chad, and Togo.

Janusz Krasowski, Associate Director of the PFD Group, brings over 30 years of experience in private and multilateral organizations, having held senior positions at the World Bank, International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). His experience includes infrastructure and industrial projects financing, agro-business and renewable energy projects. Additional experience in capital markets, private equity and venture capital operations. Also, substantial experience in structuring credit lines to public and private financial institutions, lending to small and medium enterprises and financial policy programs. He holds MBA and Industrial Engineering degrees.

Spyros Margetis, Until becoming an independent consultant and Associate Director of the PFD Group, Spyros Margetis has had more than 25 years of experience in a broad spectrum of environmental, urban development, and infrastructure provision issues in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, North Africa and the Middle East (MENA), as an officer of the World Bank. He is an urban and environmental engineer – economist, with Masters Degrees in Civil Engineering and in Economics. For more than 10 years during his career with the World Bank, Mr. Margetis participated in, and was responsible for, the identification, formulation, preparation, appraisal, supervision, and completion of a variety of projects involving the upgrading, extension, and provision of new infrastructure services (water supply, sanitation, roads, electrification, urban transport facilities), and municipal and housing finance in several communities in the MENA region. He was one of the founding members of the World Bank’s Environment Division for Europe, Middle East and North Africa and also was part of the core World Bank/EIB team that prepared the Environmental Program for the Mediterranean and presented it to donors, proposing the launching of the Mediterranean Environmental Technical Assistance Program (METAP).

Gerhard Pohl, joined PFD Group as Director in July 2013. Dr. Pohl is an economist and engineer with more than 30 years’ experience in business development, project management and international development, including 25 years at the World Bank. Dr. Pohl has broad geographic experience including in Asia, Europe, the Americas and Africa. During his time at the World Bank Dr. Pohl was sector manager for private and financial sector development and advisor to many governments. Dr. Pohl had the privilege to advise the government of China on its path-breaking market reforms during 1984-1987 and has been an advisor to many governments in Europe and Asia during their market reforms during 1990-2000. Dr. Pohl has a Ph.D. in economics and graduate degrees in public administration and engineering.

PFD/TAS Europrojects - Brussels, Belgium

Felipe Prosper, President of TAS Europrojects, Doctor of Industrial Engineering, was general manager and president of IDOM Engineering & Consultancy for more than 30 years. He is associated Professor of management department of IESE and advisor of family business.

Jaime Bernis, Managing Director of TAS Europrojects, Civil Engineer, is specialized in infrastructure development, mainly in railways, and regional development as well as in the management of cooperation projects.

Hugo Ruiz de Taboada, Associate Director, Civil Engineer and MBA, is senior consultant in economic development, including regional development, private sector development, privatization and industrial restructuring as well as institutional strengthening projects and project evaluation in the field of cooperation.

María Inés Díaz,
Associate Director and Administrator of TAS Europrojects, Lawyer, works in the field of NGOs cooperation and is in charge of real estate developments.

Victor Pou Serradel, Doctor of Law, Economist and MBA, work for more than 20 years for the European Commission and Counselor of External Relations directorate. He is specialized in Social entrepreneurship and European Affairs.

Marco Antonio Cuevas, architect, Master in Urban Planning and in BA, is specialized in low-cost housing development and mortgage credit. In urban planning he has participated in projects such as the renovation of the European neighborhood in Brussels.

Emanuele Bozzini, Social economist, is responsible for Business development in TAS and is specialized in the management of project cooperation in the field of institutional building.

PFD Group Turkey

Our partners shown below have extensive experience in international business development, project cycle management and development finance. They are also fully knowledgeable of the functioning and procedures of the IFIs, as well as in PPPs.

Metin Erdogdu, Partner of PFD Turkey and dgmarket Turkey, is an industrial engineer with an MBA degree from Western International University in Phoenix. Metin Erdogdu has over 20 years experience in project financing, real estate and international business development.