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“How to Do Business with major IFIs: The World Bank”

Graz, Austria

Spiros Voyadzis, President of PFD Group, was invited by Advantage Austria to give apresentation on “How to Do Business with the Major IFIs: The World Bank”.  Mr. Voyadzis formulated a very interactive presentation, providing insights into Multinational Development Banks (MDBs)’ procedures and strategic approaches that will allow  Austrian companies to identify opportunities and ultimately win contracts.
Advantage Austria, the host,  is a foreign trade platform for Austrian companies that organizes more than 1,000 events every year to bring Austrian and international companies together to network and  generate business opportunities. Mr. Voyadzis’ presentation gathered several Austrian top-listed companies in Europe.   

Mr. Voyadzis presentation was an opportunity to engage a productive dialogue on new approaches, on what an Austrian company should do to win contracts funded by IFIs, how to approach these institutions and how to compete with larger firms in the International market.