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June 10-13th 2013: Water & Sanitation Program

Washington, D.C., USA

Spiros Voyadzis, President/CEO of PFD, was invited by the Private Sector Liaison Officers (PSLO) Network of the World Bank Group and was a key note speaker during their Water and Sanitation Workshop. This was a three-day workshop designed to bring global experts together to discuss Challenges and Opportunities in Sustainable Development for the Private Sector. The multi-country program focused on environmental sector opportunities being executed at the International Financial Institutions (IFIs).

The three-day meeting program was designed to provide an opportunity for initiating a dialogue with project officers responsible for current and pending water and sanitation projects, and provide an understanding of requirements for engagement. Over 45 participants were represented in the 2013 mission. Participating firms came to seek potential partners and pursue IFI-funded projects, and to name a few firms; the Austrian Industry of Technology (AIT), Andritz Group, Arup, Burnside, ClearFord Industries, Ea éco-entreprises, Eco-Raider, Epur Nature and many more.   

Mr. Voyadzis’ presentation on the “Dos and Don’ts” on how to do business with IFIs such as the World Bank and the Millennium Challenge Corporation was again a value added success as participants were eager to learn more about key strategies in order to win contracts. The workshop was tailored to support companies enhance their relationships with contracting firms and build a network with similar firms globally. One of the advantages to attend such an event in Washington D.C is that firms gain better insight of innovative strategies employed by larger bidding companies.