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November 4-7 2013: Energy Program

Washington, D.C. USA

Spiros Voyadzis, President of PFD, was invited by the World Bank Group as a key note speaker during their Energy Week Program. This was a three-day executive conference that focused on energy sector opportunities in cooperation with International Financial Institutions (IFIs).

Mr. Voyadzis’ presentation on “How to Do Business with the Major IFIs?” focused on how best to conduct business with the IFI’s. His expertise provided the global participants with valuable strategic approaches to conducting business and ultimately winning contracts.
The three-day conference was designed to initiate a dialogue with project officers responsible for current and pending energy projects, and provide further understanding of requirements. In addition, the conference enhanced companies’ relationships with contracting firms and allowed them to network with similar firms globally. Fortunately, over 50 participants were represented- including: Siemens, CPCS, ILF consulting engineers, and the Global Midwest Alliance.
The event also gathered prominent policy-makers and practitioners engaged in energy and development. One of the advantages to attend such an event in Washington D.C is that firms gain better insight of innovative strategies employed by larger bidding companies.