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PFD is Origination Partner for MIGA political risk insurance

PFD enables investors navigate frontier markets insured

Insurance product: Insurance is an effective way to assure investors that unwanted risks are covered. Insurance guarantees a secure solution to raise finance for funds, businesses, and projects.

PFD supports you to secure insurance products made specifically for emerging market investors and businesses.

PFD is an authorized Origination Partner of the World Bank Group’s political risk insurance agency MIGA. PFD serves an integral part of MIGA’s outreach to advice investors on the pros of political risk insurance. At no additional cost PFD guides investors through the insurance procurement process.

MIGA offers a unique kind of political risk insurance (PRI): one that prevents losses through deterrence rather than simply paying insurance claims. MIGA provides political risk guarantees for cross-border investors. As a member of the WB Group, with shareholders from both host countries and investor countries, MIGA acts as a potent restraint on potentially damaging government actions. When a dispute may arise, MIGA’s leverage with host governments frequently enables the agency to resolve differences. Should deterrence and dispute resolution fail, MIGA compensates investors for losses arising from risk events covered by the MIGA guarantee policy.
Advice on risk mitigation: PFD offers specialized advice to investors and businesses in emerging markets on how to mitigate risks. We work with you to seize key opportunities for meaningful investment.

Transaction support services: among the many insurance, guarantee and technical support facilities that help investors we are uniquely positioned. Drawing on years of expertise our global team navigates the process efficiently. Knowing all the possibilities for raising funds and accessing facilities can be time-consuming and costly. PFD directs you to what is possible and required of investors, and how to complete project preparation and investment processes to guarantee eligibility.

PFD members have over 20 years of experience working with and for the WB Group & MIGA and is ratified Origination Partner since 2013. PFD–WDC-Brussels-Istanbul